Creative Writing contest vol.15/Education:what do you think about the number of subjects and content of subject student study in Cameroon?


Hello and greetings to everyone b,am really happy to participate in this contest giving that its is a very important topic and also a call for concern also want to thank @thegreens for this .

To start i will want to acknowledge the fact that education is very important to everybody and no one should ever be deprive from that ,as it as it is said ,education is the backbone to every society ,and even if you didn't have a formal education just knowing how to express yourself os already power . The educational system in my country is structured in three steps that is from the primary,secondary and the University. The primary system is like a foundation and is a part people turned to neglect while the secondary grooms you to your path in like and the University builds you career wise .
Talking about the secondary it is base in three seconds which is the Technical,grammar and commercial , i will be talking more on the grammar part which is what am verse with . The grammer section is divided in two parts that is form 1 to form 5 which deals with O/L certificate and lower sixth to upper sixth which deals with A/L in this two part it is also sub partition in to science and art depending on your career choice .
The number of subjects:

the number of subjects varies from this two level O/l you have about 13 to 15 subjects to study while at the lower and upper sixth you have about 5 to 6 subject ,wish to me thus not really make much sense but about the number of subjects i will want to talk about the few advantages , studying that amount of subjects make you diverse in all forms ,that's it make you have a clue of everything no matter what brand you fine yourself in at list you will never lack that basic knowledge on the other hand it makes learning stress full since it thus not encourage specialisation, if we had to limit some of this subject, and allow student just to study the amount of subjects that will take the from form one to upper sixth and to what they will do in the university,it will promote excellence in education and also it will build skill Labour which will highly contribute to economic growth . Reasons while am saying this while go fir that amount of subjects which at the tail end you wont have use for it for example while include things like religious study which is not a validated subject by the Cameroon G .C .E board ????

To talk about the content,there are some subject which has good content as in you can apply them in everything and in any place subject like ,math , English, and economics , this are subject whose content can be applicable everywhere and in all things mean while subject like Geography and history i do not really see the need while we spend time studying forestry in Sweden while we don't know about forestry in Cameroon,o studying the weather in other countries while we can not forecast our own weather and again while should we really spend time studying the pass event of other countries more than our own it make no sense . our educational content is really so poor that is while we turn to borrow so to improve on our content we need to carry out research ,write our own books ,improve on our skills , encourage specialisation with this skills will be easily improve allowing people to come up with better educational system . to conclude despite the numerous advantages of learning variety of subjects,i still stand on the fact that we should limit the number of subjects by this way it will encourage learners to specialize leading to high levels of output therefore increasing the content level of our educational system thanks

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Exactly limiting thr number of subjects eill enable specialization and this will lead to a greater output and mastery of the work

Nice one. Too many subjects may have both positive and negative aspects on learners depending on different situations. Just what I think🤝

This write up is impressive. I can't say much cause you said it all right..

Its very good to limit the subjects but i think limiting the subjects will not still help...for me i think its better they merge some of the subjects so that they can teach everything is under one subject and only important subjects too

Diversity in studies broadens knowledge but specialization improves efficiency and productivity. Good points you raised.