MY DAIRY GAME:06/09/201

2개월 전

Hello family greetings to you all. Sharing with you all my day of yesterday.
This faithful day a Monday and as usual a normal ghost town day I woke up from bed at 5am ,had my lil morning Devotion, dedicated my day in to the hand's of God after which I did some lil exercise from there I left my room went out ease myself, greeted some of my neighbors and moved on with my morning duties which includes mopping and fetching of water after which I had to prepare myself for field at about 6:30pm I was ready so I immediately took a bike . As I arrived field we were almost complete so we had to share the game and I had to play an un usual position at the defend (5) I defended really well as we were leading 3-0
After resting for a while we came back in for the second half as it was interesting as well by 10am we came to the end of the match I had to collect the team Jersey since it was my turn to watch them so as I arrived home I had to wash them immediately
At 2pm I had to do a lil charity work that is barbing the head of some kids for free , an activity which I carried for about an hour
After that I had to look for something and eat ,after eating I had by bath and from there I really had nothing much doing so that's how my day was thanks

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Waouh that's great bro i would first of all appreciate your charity work, you'll give them a great smile and a reason to study hard.

Playing defense is my worst nightmare😂 i just hate it coz it's a very crucial position. Any least error you're at fault for cause a goal.

The way I wish to play football in Bda on ghost town. I always see you guys play like that my neck swells😂

Your day iswas cool bro am a fan of football too but 5 in the defense 😂that's madoo,and the charity work too is very nice atleast uve made some kids happy