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Hello everyone greetings to you all , am very pleased to participate in this contest and also happy to share with you my best day .

It was on the 17/08/2021 this faithful day we had to play the final of our football tournament which was not easy for us right from the first day of play , from the start of the tournament we had encounter defeat from the first half and only had to fight hard from the second half before wining all the games up to the final . We came into the tournament late and most teams under look us as the under dogs but we were so determine to win , reaching the final was already a win for us but still we wanted the cup . This faithful day we were to be at the field at exactly 11:30am which we all did as we arrive the the field,we had a little meeting after that we had to change and did a lil bit of warm up for about 20 minutes after which the match official called us for check up and also giving us some rules to follow immediately after that we came to the start of the first half at exactly 12:30noon . As the match was going on we were in so much pressure as we made so many defensive errors but as the game went up we had to pick up . During the end of the fisrt half that is at about 40minute of play we open scores leading 1-0 as we were very happy I in particular not long from that we came to the end of the first half. As we were resting we had some words of encouragement and also some of our mistakes were layed down so we had to work on them after resting for 15minute we were called back in to the field . So during the second half we were playing more of defensive football trying to protect our win but around the 70minute of play the goal was equalised I was really heart broken but we just had to try and hold on still the end . At the end it was agreed that we had to play the penalties no injury time so we had to select the players for the penalty
During the penalty kick our opponent lost one of their shorts and we scored all so that's how we came out victorious I was really very Happy just as we finished with the penalty shoot out it there was a heavy pure down of rain) after taking our award we just had to celebrate under

From there we went to a nearby snack where we celebrated the victory. That victory made the day very special an unique for .


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Congratulations on your big win. It's not easy. I can just imagine your joy

Bro ah hope say ubi score goal especially as u wear 9🙃

Boy i can relate to victory it's always sweet. I'm sorry for the losing team. But you see penalty shootouts, i always gate then coz the outcome of this exercise doesn't matter if you're a big player or not. Everyone can mess the opportunity.
Glad it was your best day and you finally won the finals

Congrats on your victory , having a tournament during the raining season is really complicated

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