THE DIARY GAME:04/09/2021


Hello dear friends greetings to you all and hope we all doing ok. Sharing with y'all my day of yesterday,

I woke up from bed at about 6am as usual I had my lil prayer session dedicating my day in to the hand's of God done with that I left my room went out ease myself , greeted some of my neighbors, it was a very bright morning
immediately I proceeded with my morning chores . By 8:30am I was done with all my morning duties but again my mom pleaded with me to help her split fire wood which I did

As I was done ,I had to go refreshing up . At about 11am I received a phone call from a friend of mine telling me he is at the road side we both had a transaction to follow up that day so immediately I had to go meet them . After hours of carryout what we had to do ,we completed our tasks by then we were really hungry so they had to ask me to take them to a good restaurant where they can eat . They told me they hardly eat on the street while for me it's vice versa ,I then took them to a woman selling water fufu they were really skeptical at first I could see that in their faces but after testing the food it was really good one of them had to other for one fufu each 🤣🤣🤣🤣

So after eating we had to discuss for a while before we all departed
From there i arrived home at about 3pm again I had to rush to down to collect a machine which I wanted to sell but the client was instead playing games so after going home to collect my transport,I took a taxi straight to town took the laptop immediately bought taxi again back home . On my way back we had to delay on the way due to traffic it was really horrible at one point I thought of coming out of the taxi and walk on leg . I arrived my area around 5pm at that moment I really had nothing much doing so that's how my day was

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Great write up sir...
As you said in your diary, I was good as you dedicated your day to GOD.
It true some if the people selling food out there in town are always looking skeptical and the environment as well, but some cook extremely well. Hope you ate to your fill. Traffic to delays alotbof people's programs and hold people down, you could bear and be patient in traffic u know.
Stay safe
#twopercent #cameroon

You ate more than u worked u know😂😂😂

Really great write up, where did traffic hold you?are you based in douala, because in the evening period the traffic here is always horrible that trekking might be better you know, i can imagine but thank God that you took that machine

Wow it was in did a great day for you out and I really enjoy your presentation and I must say the meal was excellent

My favorite fufu and eru,ashia for work u know our mothers are all we have when they are happy with us things work for our good so helping them is the least we can do

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