THE DIARY GAME:07/08/2021

2개월 전

Hello family greetings to you all and hope we all doing well . It's also with great joy being at this very educative platform I am pleased to share with you another edition of my diary.
This faithful day I woke up from bed at exactly 5:30am I had my lil devotion, thanking and dedicating my day in to the hand's of the almighty after that I did a lil exercise from there I left the room went out and immediately proceeded with my morning activities which includes mopping, fetching of water and taking care of the pigs. This day we had a burial program at the quarter which as youth it our duty to always attend and participate in the grave digging. At 8am I went to the spot help out in the digging it actually took us a while in doing that so by 11am we were done so we had to wait for the corpse to return from church so we proceed in laying in to rest . At 12noon church service was done so the brought the corpse back to the compound a lil service was conducted for about 30minute after it was handed to us for the final process
So by 1:30pm we were done with the covering so we left from there went and sat down at the spot reserved for us the youth they brought us some food and drinks
After eating I left from there back to the house that was about 4pm were I immediately had my bath . At about 5pm I was called up by my lil bro to meet him at a snooker spot near us so I immediately went there it's was really fun playing and discussing


We had to spend the reaming hours of the day there ,so at about 8pm we bother left from there back to the house ,So that a brief summary of how my day was

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Its always good to assist especially as a youth. I love this game but i have never played it in real life only on phone

I've never dug a grave except the one of the rats i kill at home😂
As for the snooker game, i don't even know how to hold a stick. Your day was great! May the soul of the deceased rest in peace

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