THE DIARY GAME 08/08/2021

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Hello dr friend greetings to you all and hope you all doing well , am pleased to share with you my day of 08/08/2021.
This faithful day I woke up from bed at about 6am I had to first of all say my prayers after that I check on my phone to see if I had any message done with that I had to do some lil exercises I then left the room went out ease my self , greeted some of my neighbors then proceeded with my morning duties. It was a Sunday so I had to hurry up with everything I was doing so to catch up with time which include mopping, fetching of water, taking care of the pigs , brushing my mouth and having my bath . I had to then take a bike to church by 8:30am I arrived church. As usual fellowshipping is Also cool as the pastor always touch on key issues ,our scripture reading was taken from the book of 2timothy chapter 2 from verse 20-26 ,By 10:30am we came to the end of the service so from there I immediately when back home. At 2pm I left the house down to a barbing saloon so I could have my hair cut but as I arrived there the person who usually do my hair was not available


So I had to wait there for about and hour but to no avail so at about 3pm I had to leave from there back to the house, at home I just had to relax and watch TV so that's really how my day was

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Sorry for the dissapointment as the barber was not around. Your day was less busy

You had a lot of chores bro


Greetings bro I think you are a god fearing child which i really admire

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