THE DIARY GAME:09/09/2021


Greetings fam , hope we all doing well . presenting to you another edition of my diary .

This faithful day, I woke up from bed at exactly 4:00am reason being that I heard our tap following so I had to immediately go and filled all our empty water reserve so after doing that I went back to my room did a lil exercise, held my lil morning Devotion. From there I went out to continue with my morning chores . By 8am I was done so I took my bath prepare myself went to my mom's place since she lost her mom so to see how I could help out with some work there ,on my way there I had to pass by at a cafe for breakfast
. At around 11:30am I had to leave from there reason being that I received a call from a friend telling me to photocopy my certificate and bring them to him which I did . on my way back I saw one woman selling guava and it's really been long since I eat them so I had to order for some
Back home that about 3pm I had to spend time at the barbing saloon attending to the few clients I meet after which I had to hit the kitchen since there was nothing to eat so I immediately went to a provision store nearby bought rice and spices for the source
Took them to the house and started preparation I left the kitchen at about 7 pm when everything was ready I had to then dish the food out to my siblings
As for me I really didn't have appetite so I just had go straight to my room to rest. That was a day for me

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So you do morning devotions too eh brother , your day looks good



If one did not take time to read just looking at the pics gives an impression that its a woman writing. Good to know men who mount the kitchen.but please when need be get a SUITABLE helper


Na Moni lack 🤣🤣🤣

Hahaha i remember the days of Bambili where the alarm couldn't wake us up but once we hear the tap, we all are up in the cold😂😂😂 so ironic

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