THE DIARY GAME/12/08/2021

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Hello everyone greetings to you all and hope we all doing well am delighted in bringing to you another edition of my dairy .12/08/2021

This faithful day I woke up from bed at exactly 6am ,said my prayers dedicating my day in to God's hand after that I did some lil work out from there I left my room went out and proceeded with my morning duties which includes mopping, fetching of water and taking care of my animals done with all of that I then brush my mouth then park out some of my dirty dresses for laundry
By 10:30am I was done with laundry so from there I had to go to the kitchen and prepare something for breakfast so I had to go in for fried egg an Irish
After eating i had to prepare my self for farm since we had to go harvest groundnut . BY 11am we took off , at 11:20am we arrived the farm and started harvesting. It was quite a stressful but fun activity as during the process of harvesting we had to be discussing about a whole lot of stuff and Also licking out our small small secret 🤣🤣🤣 by 3pm we were done harvesting for the day
From there we park our things and head back home , at home I had to help in scratching corn so we could prepare koki corn
From there I had to go take my bath that was around 5:30pm after that I just spend time with my phone and washing TV so that's how my day was thanks

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Wow that is great, it's been long i went to the fam. And chai i miss harvesting groundnut and eating it raw


Hahaha na me and u are eat more than what was harvested 😆😆😆

In as much as I love groundnuts. I am definitely visiting you I know this day to have my own s*** bro. It's a day well spent I see

It was indeed a great day for you and I like the zeel in taking part of the harvesting process it's really a great initiative so keep it up.

That bowl of groundnut is calling my name😩.

Ashia for work. Your day was quite busy.