THE DIARY GAME:12/09/2021


Hello family greetings to you all hope we all doing good . Presenting to you all my day of yesterday.
This day a beautiful Sunday I woke up at about 5:30am very excited,I did my morning prayers , after that I proceeded in doing some exercises from there I checked on my phone for a while before going out to move on with my morning duties which includes mopping, fetching of water and taking care of the pigs . Done with all that I really had plans of going to church but I wasn't feeling ok so I just had to stay at home . At about 2pm my uncle ask me and my cousin to help wash his bike so we had to take it out ,took buckets to the tap to fetch water so as we returned we moved on with the washing . It took us at about 2:30hrs to complete the washing from there one of my neighbors took me to a nearby snack where we spend some time , drinking and washing the Manchester United vs Newcastle match which was a funfill and interesting encounter
I really spend my entire day there I had to leave from there at about 6:30pm as I arrived home I immediately took my bath then went straight to bed . That's how I saw myself

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Your day wasn't that easy but your neighbor inviting you to a snack to watch match is the most interesting part

Mehn manchester united murdered the opponent and CR7 is the goat
Hope u are doing well by now as u were not able to make it to church

U had less activities for the day. Though it was good . It's been long I have done washing