THE DIARY GAME:18/08/2021

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Hello everyone, greetings to you all hope we all good in God's name ,it's been a while since I wrote something due to some lil issues but am happy being at the platform and sharing with you my dairy .

This faithful day I woke up at exactly 6am immediately I had my morning Devotion,did some lil exercise checked on my phone replied to some messages from there I left the room went out and immediately immense with my morning duties which includes mopping, fetching water and taking care of the pigs ,after feeding the pigs I had to take time out to clean the fence since it was really dirty

so by 8am I was done with all of that . This day I had a semina to attend at 10:30am so I had to hurry up brush my mouth,had my bath ,dress up then prepared for the program so at 9:30am I was already on my way by 10 I was already there . The semina was all about production and we were to produce coconut biscuits in was really interesting since I was anxious to learn it was a theorical and both practical process. So we started by first removing the coconut out of it shell ,then blending after the blending the source was then removed from the stash from there we had to mix the source extracted from the coconut , it was mixed with natural honey and also wit coconut oil . After the mixing we shaped it in the sizes we want then frying began . It was a very interesting process to after all we came out with this

At first I was not confident with the taste but after testing it I couldn't hold my appetite as it tasted really good 🤣🤣🤣🤣 so so nutritional. By 4:30pm we were done so from there I head back home ,as I arrived home to confirm if the product was ok I gave it to some of my cousins to taste at first there were skeptical but at the end they were asking for more . I was really very happy to had learned something so really that how my day was

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Wow the coconut biscuits looks yummy n I pray God help u to settle ur issues in Jesus name amen.

Wow you had very interesting day, i wish I could also learn that. I love learning new things, hope when next there's a productive seminar you can call me

Wow that's great, attending such seminars is really important,you learn a lot.hope you are able to produce your own biscuits

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