THE DIARY GAME :21/08/2021

2개월 전

Hello everyone greetings to you all hope we all good ,always so pleased being a part of this platform it's been and amazing family. It's another edition of my dairy 21/08/2021

This day I woke up from bed at exactly 5:45am I had to check on my phone for about 5minute after wish I had my lil morning Devotion,done with that I had to do some exercise From there I went out and began my morning chores . I had to mopped,fetch water then took care of the pigs . From there I had to go brush up ,took my bath then dressed up , at about 9:30 I had to go to nso boy agency to collect some stuff send by my aunt by 12noon I was back . At that moment we had no light yet I just had to wait for light to come so I could follow up on the premiere league matches so by 12:17 we had light immediately I turned on the TV so to follow up on the Liverpool vs Burnley match
It was really rainy at that point so the cable kept going off and on ,I couldn't really enjoy the match well but it was quite an interesting match seeing Liverpool dominate the game both half . By the end of the match it was still raining so I just had to stay at home following up on the other match . At about 5:30pm I heard people shouting in the quarter I didn't really know what was happening so when I went out to find out I discovered that the G.C.E was out so I had to ask for the result so I could find out on my lil sis who wrote the ordinary level and lil bro who also wrote A/l . It was difficult finding out as I was shaking but after searching their names it all came out indicating that they both made it I was really happy but with mix feeling due to some reason I can't expose here so immediately I had to pass the result to them it was a joyful atmosphere at the quarter as most of the kid who wrote made it . So really that's how my day was

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Congratulations to your siblings. It's raining success in this platform. I can feel your pain when you talk of not enjoying the match it's just like I should break the tv

Congrats to them oh!! Im not a great fan of football but i enjoy playing "le pro"PES with my small bro n some male friends always choosing my team to be liverpool 😅what an irony right? but thats just me...😁

Success everywhere apart from your cable distributor who didn't want you to enjoy your match. Hahaha congrats to your siblings, i understand the stress of searching their results. It's a feeling you have when you're scared they might not make it and you're anxious to see their names

I really miss playing pro and also watching live match

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