THE DIARY GAME:23/08/2021

2개월 전

Hello everyone accept warm greetings from me hope y'all doing great . I bring to you another edition of my dairy 23/08/2021.

It was a very chilled day ,I woke up from bed this day at about 5:30am , quickly had my morning Devotion,next I did some exercise mostly push up immediately I went out and rush on with my morning duties which includes mopping and fetching of drinking water since my containers were all empty done we all of that I had to prepare myself for field so after I dressed up in my sport attire I immediately took off . By 7:15am I was in the field but just few of us so we had to wait for others so by 8am we were all present so we had to call the game . It was a fun filled encounter as I had to play various positions ,from 9 , 11,2 and later ending up as a goal keeper 🤣🤣 and I never conceive any goal even though I made some few mistake ,By 10:30am we came to the end of the match so from there I went back home . At home I had to immediately had my bath ,had something to eat then I rested for a while , at 2pm I decided to go check on my friend who just came to town , at his place we were just chilling , drinking at listening to music
So after spending some quality time I had to take me leave that was around 7pm by 7:20pm I was home . So that's really how my day was thanks for reading

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Your positions in the field cought my interest 🤣🤣🤣. You start Waka all wings. Hehehe. Well it definitely was a fun match. Did you guys win?
Ohhh...the drinks. I think you guys were missing out something mmmmeeee 😅.
Your day was amazing. Thank you for sharing.


Hahahahaha the match ended up draw ,

Had a fun filled day , bro i can not remember when last i played football but i used to be a good goal keeper


Getout which good goal keeper 🤣🤣🤣

Hahahaha. Na wahh oo you played 4 positions alone. Seems you had fun though..

Hahahah the all round player i hear you baba. You are the main man

Waoo what wanderful day for u hope u will invite me in such a day to chill with you