THE DIARY GAME:29/08/2021

2개월 전

Hello everyone greetings to you all hope you all doing ok I bring to you another edition of my diary . This faithful day being a Sunday I woke up from Bed at exactly 5:30am had my lil prayer session, did some lil exercise , left my room went ease myself, greeted some of my neighbors then proceeded with my morning duties so by 8:30am I was done with all my chores . From there I had to go to lil project side to check how work was going and also help out with some lil things I had to be fast with with every lil thing I was doing since I had a program to attend to at 12noon. At 11:30am I had head back home , immediately had my bath , dressed then jion the screw . The program we were to attend was a cultural one and it was my first time partaking in such and event . We had to take a general vehicle

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