THE DIARY GAME:31/08/2021

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Hello everyone greetings to y'all and hope we all good in God's name , sharing with y'all my day of yesterday . This faithful day being the end of the month ,I woke up from bed at exactly 5:39am I had my lil morning prayers ,did some exercises, done with that I had to spend some time with my phone after which I left my room went out ease myself and proceeded with my morning duties . By 9am I was done so I had to carry some things to the project side which I did and on my way back I had to buy feed for the pigs since the one remaining was small


As I arrived home that was around 10:30am I had to pack out some of my dirty dresses and started washing them
It actually took me a while and before I was done washing them ,it was raining so I couldn't dry it I just had to park them inside a bucket .after that I had to go help my grandma pound Achu ,it was really fun spending some time with her and helping her out as she kept telling me some fun stories of her pass . As I was done I went back home , It was raining throughout
and really had nothing doing at that moment I just spent most of the remaining hour of the day with my phone and and also watching TV so that really how I saw my day

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Your pigs can shop oh,data is life if MTN and other networks go off for 1 day then we are dead😁 and it was cool helping your grandma they are one of our sources of blessings.

This rain eh...I had to dry my dresses for continued three days before it dried ....we also cooked achu eh..coincidence 😏😏


Are really need for chop that achu😁

Wow your day was not to Chucked up, pounding achu has always been a nightmare for me but am sure as you were with grandma it was a pleasure