Appreciation: 30/07/2021

2개월 전

Good evening fellow steem friends. It's been days now I have not been able to be active here. This evening I will just want to write a short appreciation to one our our leaders @thegreens

For three days I have been down with typhoid and malaria. I have been to the hospital and my Bill's were really high. Given that in the company where I work ,pays only after the 15th of the next month. I exhausted all the little cash I had on me to settle bills . After settling I still needed 6k to buy some medicine to complete my treatment which I did not have.

Then when @majerius wrote yesterday night and today morning to keep encouraging me, it reminded me that i had some 45steem in my wallet. I immediately contacted @thegreens for a transaction which he responded positively and I sent him 45steem and he sent me 9k through my float number meaning I pay no charges on it.



I wish to really appreciate the help I got today from steemit. I will comfortably buy my drugs and still have some change to buy something good for my family.

May our Good Lord continue to bless you all as we grow in this business

Thank you.

Steemit keep impacting lives.

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The lord is on your side, health is on your side, you're blessed beyond measure. It's well bro. God bless you

Waow I'm impressed for the great family you've found on steemit and how they showed you much love in a time like this.
I'm glad the money you received enabled you to meet up with your chargés.
I pray for your quick recovery and may God bless you.


Amen .thank you dear

Ashia Sir!! I hope you're doing well now. Sometimes such little saving could turn to be a real live saver sometimes.


A tell you bro

May the almighty Lord be praise in your life. I think you really saw the importance of steemit today and also, some of us too will take it now serious because we're seeing life testimonies from you....

Kudos baba...🙌🙌


Exactly. Just imagine just a single post which had paid me less than 3 sbd and saved me today.

Just keep posting


Some of you guys up there should always check on us down here...

I wish you a speedy recovery bro 🙏. God will see you through