#Club75 | Steem Cameroon Community Curation trial tutorial (20% beneficiary to @steem-cameroon)

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Hello hello steemians, it's a great thing to always curate. Due to the increase in demand and complaints made by Steen Cameroonians, one golf my jobs as MOD is to make things look easy for steemians so here's a guideline on how to join the Steem Cameroon curation trial. Follow me closely.

How to Join curation trial

  • Step 1
    Click on the following link Curation trial a page will appear asking you to log in or register then you click on it.


  • Step 2
    Log in with your steemit private posting key by clicking on continue

When your password is okay, you click on get started then another page will open where you will press LOG IN as shown below.


  • Step 4
  1. Click on curation trial
  2. Type steem-cameroon in the search For a trial box
  3. Follow the trial
  4. Confirm the trial
  5. You're Done ✅

step 3

step 4

That is all for your curation trial procedure. Make sure you join💪🏿❤️


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Good work MOD ✌️


Thank you comrade

What about setting the trial at a % sir?it is very important

I think they should know that because when you join a curation trial, you will need to set your % of the trial..

I say so because when you join a trial, it is automatically set at 50%, so you will need to adjust it to 100% or to any % of your choice


Oh thank you so much yeah i thought of that, i think I'd have to edit the post and add that to it.


Alright kfirm bro... It will be much better if you do it so that people can follow the curation trial at full weight of 100%

Amazing, Good work sir💪🏾💪🏾

Good Idea there and well detailed.
I think after writing official posts on Steem Cameroon this post should be mentioned in it.

Long live Cameroon
Long live steemians


Hihihihi yeah

I have followed. Good Work, long live #steem-Cameroon


That's great! Now it's a good time to delegate to become a Steem Cameroon member


How do i do that


Check my posts i had already did that and tagged you. I'm sorry to say this, but seems you don't follow up posts in the community even when they post Sir. Here's the link How to delegate to Steem Cameroon

Please endeavour to check your notifications and also read other people's posts. Thank you!


I do read sir, but thanks alot.



@majerius I've tried joining steem cameroon curation trail, but i can't..... Worldofxpilar. Com doesn't want to sign in

Please i need your help


Hello hello, the curation trial has been having some technical issues lately. I've checked and it's same. We will get back to you when it's all okay


Alright bro, thank you