The Power Up Challenge Vol. 13 | 15/09/2021

Hello to all, it's always a privilege to participate in contests which are aimed not only at winning awards but also at building up fellow steemians. Special thanks to our country representative, @thegreens for bringing up this contest. It has come a long way to help me invest more on power up and not to power down my account.

Before the power up

As we can see, before the power up i had an amount of 28.852 STEEM in my wallet with a total SP of 1096.125. The available steem was gotten as a result of the contests i participated in the steem cameroon community. I initially wanted to power up more but I had to withdraw SBD for a very urgent issue.

The process

To power up is quite easy! You can either market your SBD if you are in possession of it and wish to power up or you power up your Steem directly. I'll take into consideration the latter.
First, you locate the area where you see Steem in green. If it isn't in green then you log in to your wallet and it becomes green.

Once that is done, you simply click on the little arrow beside the value of the steem and a list of options will appear. You click on the one which says power up and immediately another window will appear.

When this window appears you input the amount of steem you wish to power up, or you click on the total amount to automatically fill. Once that's done, you click on **power up**

This window then appears for you to confirm your transaction, if the information you have inputted isn't what you wanted you click on cancel. But if all is good then you click on okay. Once you click on okay, it will send you back to your wallet and the power up will be done.

After the Power Up

As seen, after the power up my SP rose from it's initial 1096.125 to 1124.977 SP. White little but not so little though! This power up would permit me redeem my delegation to the @steem-cameroon account as soon as possible.


As i always say, powering up is investing in the future and also increasing your influence and power on the platform. That saying is not going to change. To make it big on the platform, you need to power up and never power down to withdraw.
Thanks for reading, and God bless you.


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#welovepowerup, ahead ahead bro, I'm right behind you following your footsteps

Wow, your post is very good looking and beautiful.

And I also love how you have turned ordinary power up post into a story like something😁. I hope you don't mind me copying that aspect of your work😁.


Hahaha i don't mind

From little things, big things grow. I can see how your little efforts have grown you to become a strong man on the Steem blockchain and your path to 5K SP is very sure and clear.
Keep going coz Steemit needs people like you.