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Greetings steemians. This is a basic piece to ask you one very vital question..
How are you feeling today?

Expression: what is expression?

This is simply put, the act of expressing thoughts, ideas or emotions(feelings).
Expressions could be physically displayed; verbally or by facial expressions and physical actions.

Expressing oneself is a necessity given that with every emotion comes nervous actions or hormonal activity. This implies that the nervous system especially the brain, is the control center for emotions.
For example:

  • For Anger and Fear, the hormone Adrenaline is at work. It is called the flight or fright hormone.

When nervous activity is promoted by the production of this adrenaline, if you try to build up these emotions, there is tension built up in the nerves too (a positive feedback reaction) this leads to a continuous cycle that has its own negative effects on the nervous system and the body as a whole. This is because the state of anger causes the enervation of the medulla or adrenal medulla which has different actions to coordinate. So keeping yourself in this state prevents you from properly coordinating other impulses. Also, in the state of anger or fear there is what we call an "adrenaline rush". In this state, there is increase in heart rate caused by increase in blood flow to the heart. This causes an increase in blood pressure above normal. The production of adrenaline is fueled by sugar and as such, there will be increase in production of glucose to provide the energy to continue this process.

  • For happiness, Dopamine is the acting hormone. Have you ever been praised for doing a good job, or maybe experienced something pleasurable? Sure you have..

Well that feeling you got that put a smile on your face is influenced by dopamine. It's called the "happy hormone". The influence of dopamine on the system is calmness, less tension in enervation and little or no interference with other impulses. The body in a state of pleasure finds ease with blood pumping and heart rates. This is good, but let's skip all the science stuff😅✌️.

The examples above are just the most common examples of emotions people express. Happiness, fear and anger.
Learning to express feelings properly is something we need to understand though. Emotions such as happiness, awe, adoration etc bring up positive thoughts and ideas which most of us are always in a hurry to show or express. But on the other hand, sadness, fear, pain, anger, only bring negative thoughts and ideas that keep our mind locked in a state of little or no action. This state could long term lead to depression. Who would love to be depressed? Definitely not me.

We find ourselves in tough times and rough situations every now and then, leaving us in pain, anger, fear or sadness. Whiles with sadness and pain, people find it easy to express in a controlled manner, anger and fear are not so easily expressed with control. Fear causes panicking or panick attacks that may blind our thoughts to reality.

Example: waking up from a bad dream, it takes you a while to realize it was just a dream, and even after realization dawns on you, it suddenly becomes hard to fall back into reality and forget about the fear.

Controlling fear is really hard and so a prescribed remedy I could give is a peaceful and quiet moment with oneself like in meditation. Going back into the quiet to relax your mind and body in order to quit the fearful state.
For anger, most people express it through violence and vocal fights (most likely by screaming at the offender). Others try as much as possible to avoid talking too much for fear of saying the wrong things or to just calm themselves and avoid the offense. This is a good way of controlling anger if you actually try to ease your mind by throwing out the burden.
For those who decide to go violent and loud, boxing on something or going for exhausting sports or physical activities could do the trick of controlling the anger. This is because anger needs so much energy to continue the production of Adrenaline as I said above and so exhausting the energy in other activities reduces the energy needed for Adrenaline production.

For sadness and pain, I just have one thing to say: They cannot be controlled. They can be temporarily eliminated but once the thought of what causesd the sadness or pain resurfaces in your mind, the feel becomes new. It takes time for sadness and pain to leave. But they are the worst feelings to bury. The remedy for them depends on the kind of person. Others will cry, some will talk it out and a few stay silent and grief that way. This is the worst. These feelings eat deep into our minds when not expressed as needed. Others mask their pain or sadness with a smile and pretend to be fine. It's like playing a mind game with oneself.


Expressions and manners of expressions of thoughts and feelings most especially determine our moods and mindsets. Therefore we ought to find the right ways to walk through with them without harming ourselves or anyone around us.

I'm sorry for dragging out the topic. Hope I didn't bore you. Also, this article is soley a creativeput together of my knowledge, research and assessments.
Well I guess I should stop typing now😅✌️

Thanks for reading 😊🙏❤️


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Thanks for this @metugejacy20 freedom of expression. Is really good to be air out thanks to the inalianable right of man that we are born with free , expressing your Ideas is what all person ,race or religion had it as previlage to do


Thanks for reading sir


Thanks for reading

Beautiful write up. Expression is actually a window through our minds. Thanks for such an inspirational piece.


Thanks for reading sir. I'm glad you found it inspirational..🙏

Wow what a beautiful article you got. Thanks a lot for the teachings about one's own expression. To tell i have learn a lot and to testify have understood why i behave the way i often do when stress up. Hope to see more of your articles @metugejacy20


Thanks for reading. We all need knowledge in different aspects. I'm glad you learnt something.