Biology - Nutrition (Vitamins and Minerals) - Section 3


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In the last post, we left out the types of vitamins and mineral sources and their deficiency in our body. I am going to tabulate it for easy understanding. in case you miss out on the last post on the different important nutrients, you can follow up here Biology - Nutrition (Nutrients and Types) - Section 2.

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Types of Vitamins and sources

Name of VitamineSourcesRoleDeficiency
Vitamin Amilk, butter, cheese, maize, carrot, papaya, tomato, mangoDevelopment of the embryo, Help in the growth of hair, etcXerophthalmia (dry eyeball) and night-blindness
Vitamin DEggs, cod liver oil, sunlightDevelopment of bones and teeth Help in calcium absorptionRickets in children
Vitamin Ebrown flour, liver, vegetable oil, germinating seeds, wheat, Green vegetablesHelp in preventing Haemolysis of RBC, Help to maintain fertility, help keep the skin healthyAnemia, muscular dystrophy (breakdown of muscles) and infertility
Vitamin Kspinach, coriander, and radish top.Development of blood clottingdelays blood clotting (Hypoprothrombinemia)
Vitamin CCitrus fruits, tomato, guava, green vegetables.Development of healthy gums and teeth, development of antioxidantsScurvy
Vitamin B1Yeast, eggs, milk, potatoes, liver, and meat.Help in the functioning of nerves, heart, and muscle.Beriberi
Vitamin B2Yeast, eggs, milk, curd, pulses, green vegetables.Development of body growth and production of RBCCheilosis of lips and mental retardation
Vitamin B6Animal and plant tissuesDevelopment of coenzymesAnemia, and diarrhea
Vitamin B12Kidney, liver, egg, fish, meat.Needed for DNA synthesis RBC maturationPernicious anemia

Types of Mineral and sources

CalciumMilk, paneer, beans, fish, leafy vegetablesHelp in blood clotting, the growth of bones and teeth, and muscle contractions
PhosphorusNuts, beans, seafood, peas, lentils.Help in the growth of bones and teeth
IodineSalt, fish, and dairy productsHelp in the functioning of thyroid hormones
IronLiver, meat, fruits, dates, fig, sea foodsHelp in the formation of hemoglobin, production of energy and needed for respiration
SodiumVegetables, fruits, Sea-foodHelp in body fluid balancing
PotassiumVegetables, fruits, Sea-foodHelp in body fluid balancing
ZincVegetables, and fruitsHelp in building immunity

To put an end to Nutrition, there are no food sources that contain all the nutrients that our body needs. So we must eat a variety of foods to get the different nutrients for our bodies. I'm sure with all this, we all do our best to consume a balanced diet which will have all the nutrients for us to stay healthy.


Thanks for reading.

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