Record my status vol.4


Greetings fellow Steem ,hope everyone is doing fine.
It’s another edition of the record my status contest.
When I woke up this morning after praying I uploaded a photo of my cousin using it to wish my viewers a good morning and also to tell him that I miss him.

My cousin.

The video I posted.
I uploaded this video to my status to share the fun with my beautiful viewers.

I posted this just for fun and to share the story line with my friends which I know can help out in one or two ways.


A screenshot of @blaisebass’s reply
I met with @majerius today 😂and then when I posted on my status Blaisebass1 said something that drew my attention

Some times we just decide to not pay our attention to any worries and just be happyy. Life is something that changes as days pass us by.


In my last post for the day ,I had a chat with few friends after I advertised Steemit on my status and some people were interested in it but I was so tired and told I would sensitize them when I’m less busy.

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Was a real pleasure meeting you this girl😂😂 stubborn and crazy but above all intelligent and friendly.
I won't be a good friend if i didn't remind you that you've forgotten the #mystatus-04 and #steemexclusive isn't well written here.


Thanks for the correction @majerius of steemit ,I have done the correction
It was not a pleasure meeting you😅
It was rather a disaster 😂 A man would go somewhere with a lady then when coming back ,you take your bike and live her behind ,in the rain for that matter
I used to call someone not romantic 😂Atleast he was 0.5% romantic
Majerius you are 0.00% romantic ,if not that am tired I should’ve written the percentage in index form😁 though I can say I am used to not being treated as though am special but lemme advice you like you’re friend that I am it’s not good 😂or am I not your friend?..
I’m sure you left your sense back home yesterday. Don’t ever try that kind of a thing again else red thunder would locate😂
And finally it was nice meeting you 😊


Hahahaha I love you too. Thanks fir this love letter😂
Sorry for what happened😅❤️


Love letter kii you there 😂😂


😎😂😂😂😂😂 i die here

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