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I want to specially welcome everyone to season 2 of "My Role Model Contest". When we talk about role models, many people would obviously come to ones mind. Your role model might be that person who has positively influenced your life in one way or the other, and is not filled with selfishness and greed. Your role model might be that person one can look up to for advice in a hard situation, and know that they will give those words of wisdom.

People who are constantly striving to improve themselves will tell you one thing for sure, one thing they all have in common is having a good role models in their lives.

These are figures who seemed to embody or carry everything that we think is good, all of the ideal traits that we would like to be able to possess for ourselves, and the kind of life that we would one day want to live.


Now the Contest...

  • In a minimum of 250 words, share with the entire steemit community about one of those you look up to as role model (either when you were growing up or at present) and what about them inspires you.

Contest Rules...

  • Your Title Should be: My Role Model Contest by @yourusername

  • Set @steem-cameroon 25% beneficiary for your entry if you have not delegated to @steem-cameroon account

  • Your content should be a minimum of 250 words

  • No Plagiarism!!! No Plagiarism!!! No Plagiarism!!!

  • All entries should be published in Steem Cameroon Community

  • Subscribe to the Steem Cameroon Community

  • Upvote and resteem this post

  • You should include #myrolemodel or mymodel among your first 3 tags

  • Comment with the link to your content on the comment section of this post

  • Contest ends on 15 September 2021

  • Good entries with #steemexclusive might benefit from an upvote from @booming account via community support program and @steemcurator04 account

Contest Price...

  • The first position for this contest will be given 5 steem price, 4 steem for the second place, 3 steem for the third position, a steem for each and everyone who takes part in the contest as well as some lucky authors might get upvotes from the steemit steem(@steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02).



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steemcameroon thank you for this contest it is such a beautiful one . Sorry i had to post mind twice because the first one i posted i didn't not set 25% to steemcameroon because i didnt know how to set it and i just learnd how to set it this evening and it was already late for me to delete the first post so i had to just do the second one hope u spare me for that. Thank you🙏

Plz verify my achievement 1 @saxopedia

Oh my!! Thanks for this contest!

My entry!!!
My Role Model Contest by @majerius