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The steemcameroon community has been experiencing some positive growth for a while now with over 150 Participants, with about 24 accounts created during the last month(details here) and with an average of 50 active participants, the community has been active with various contest and challenges such as the #actofkindness #internetcontest and presently #mybestday, and #kamersteempromo contest. We will actively like to report that these activities have played an important role by bringing participants closer and also influencing the growth of the community.

However, this growth is one which can be improved on, this is why through the Steemit Sensitization Campaign that was launch by @thegreens last month, @pchords4 active participant and user of STEEMIT, member of #steemcameroon community with the permission granted by the founders, admins and country representative of steemcameroon @saxopedia @njiatanga and @fombae, will be hosting a one day seminar at BUEA assisted by steemcameroon admin @saxopedia which will help bring more people into the community and hence increase growth.
Details about the seminar are as follows:

  • History and Brief Introduction to Cryptocurrency
  • Introduction to STEEMIT
  • Creation of Accounts of every participant
  • Assistance with ACHIEVMENT1 TASK
  • Backing up of your account passwords
  • Creating awareness of social engineering attacks so as to protect your account
  • Tips on how to go about the website; how to post content,how to subscribe to communities, useful hashtags , markdown styling, etc
  • Adding of participants to whatsapp group for daily mentorship
  • Tips on the type of post to upload

We call on the awareness of all steem cameroonians far and near for the SEMINAR as their presence will be highly appreciated.


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I can feel the heat of the steam Steeming up! Let's spread the word on our social networking Channels so that Buea can Steem up!

This is it!
we moving forward, we steeming on
Its going to be massive.
Thanks for support of @steemcurator01 and @steemitblog

Wonderful thanks for the support

which will help bring more people into the community and hence increase growth.

Recruitment and retention is our target while hoping to motivate our inactive members, this also an opportunity to recruit new members. This is the time for the city of Buea, Buea let steam on.

This is the greatest vision for cameroonian steemians .. i will be there

i will love to draw to the attention to all steemians with respect to the sensitization seminar which will be held on the 25th of this month i will like to report that preparations for the seminar are currently going on and i urge ever Cameroonian steemian not to neglect this program, it is a call for concern as we will highly appreciate your support via sharing of the STEEMIT Presentation video produced by @pchords4
to all your social media platforms and to all your aspiring contacts .
Together We can make this happen
Reports on the preparations of the seminar will be posted by @steemcameroon shortly

Thanks for the support from @steemcurator01
and we hope and promise to provide transparent details with respect to expenditures