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A mother is one of those persons I value so much in life reason why I connected to the distress cry of our sister Jacy. It was about 5 days ago when I read this message from our sister Jacy asking help in order to attend to her mother's health situation. This got my attention and I thought of what to do but suddenly got disconnected with my conference activity. Thanks to @thegreens who brought it up again with the following message as seen on the picture below.

Screenshot_20210602-211633.png message from @thegreens on the WhatsApp group

I am moved to do this because I love mothers so much, I understand their love and sacrifice for their children so it's but normal to help a sister get her mother's health in good condition. I could feel the pain you were going through reading your message and I know it must have taken a lot to ask for assistance and so I pray that your mother gets better soon.

This post will be set 100% for you as part of my contribution alongside 10 steem. I pray this little contribution helps in the little way it can. As a family it is but normal to assist each other in time of need. Take care of mama and extend my greetings to her. I will keep her in my prayers too.


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We all praying for her, and wishing her quick recovery


Amen bro all is on God's hands

We keep praying the for prompt health of our mother. Mothers are indeed a great part of our lives and we must at all times cherish them. You have a good heart @tenguhatanga


Rightly said my dear @larissa237. Mothers are the fundamental persons on our life and so caring for them is the one thank you we can give to them for all their sacrifices.
#twopercent #cameroon

@tenguhatanga mother is everything. I hope she stays strong for mama.


My dear God will give her the strength to take care of mama
#twopercent #cameroon

@tenguhatanga, I am so moved by this post and the gesture it holds. Thanks for your support and kindness.🙏❤️


You're welcome my dear. I really connected to your pain and I value mothers too. Don't worry God will heal her soon okay
#twopercent #cameroon