Cameroon Steemit Njangi and 100K SP Shares Program | 26 SBD to be spent for Health and Car Insurance as detailed in the Njangi Beneficiary Post

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Steem greetings,

A week ago, we launched the Cameroon Steemit Njangi and 100K SP Shares Program with 32 Cameroonian Steemians claiming 70 Shares of 1000 Steem each to be used to power-up the @steem-cameroon account to 100K SP. The first phase of the program will last for 12 months i.e. 52 weeks
Every week, we contribute 1SBD each to make a total of 70SBD. Of the 70SBD, 52 SBD is awarded to the Njangi Beneficiary but he only gets 26SBD which is 50% of the Njangi. The other 26SBD is used to buy steem and power up the @steem-cameroon account as part of the Njangi Beneficiary's share of his 1000 Steem.

@chant has 05 shares and she benefited one of her shares as the pioneer beneficiary of the Cameroon Steemit Njangi:

Steemit Njangi.jpg

You can learn more about the Cameroon Steemit Njangi here;

This week, @thegreens is benefiting from the Cameroon Steemit Njangi. @thegreens is benefiting one of her 05 Shares and as agreed, 50% (26SBD) of the njangi funds will be used to start paying one of his 1000Steem shares for the 100K SP Program.
The remaining 26SBD (50%) will be spent as follows;

1. Health:

For over a week now, my health has been a major challenge and a few days ago, i was at the hospital again.
More details here:
I will be going for Physiotherapy for two weeks as well as be on drugs for the whole of June. Drugs and Physiotherapy will cost me a lot but I am happy I have this njangi which will assist me in the purchase of my drugs and payment for my

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2. Car Insurance

My car insurance expired on the 27th of May 2021, a few days ago. I will use 20SBD (approximately 80,000CFAF) to add to 25,000CFAF that i have, to pay my car insurance for one year.

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-30 at 10.45.02.jpeg

I am also very fortunate to be benefiting from the 3SBD weekly Njangi today. However, i will be using the 33SBD i get from the 11 man Njangi to power up my steemit account as detailed in this post:


I want to use this opportunity to thank the Cameroonian steemians who are members of the Njangi/Shares program and let them know that, we will hit 100K SP sooner than we all think.

Next week, we shall be having two njangi beneficiaries, @njiatanga and @mr-greens.

The Greens Footer.jpg
The Greens is a grassroots environmental organization that strives to educate, inspire and engage young people to take action to combat climate change and be at the forefront of biodiversity conservation and waste management.
The Greens 10th Anniversary.jpeg

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Im happy for u as it's just at the right moment that this opportunity has got to meet with u in your time of needs.


Every problem has its solution and sometimes things happen very timely: The njangi was timely!

I wish you a quick recovery sir and it's good how this finance will help in buying your drugs

I wish you quick recovery sir. And I love the work you are doing. Kudos


Thanks and thanks for the words of encouragement.

Wish you a quick recovery mentor. Am happy to support your drugs through the njangi.


That's the power of njangi. Thanks @mbozekobrice

For the passt days @thegreens, I have understood the importance of good health. I'm happy you seek medical attention to boost your system. Let hope the Physiotherapy sessions will really help as prescribed by the medical personnel.

be on drugs for the whole of June.

Wish you a quick recovery, hoping to reduce your duration on drugs. Living on drugs is not healhty. As for the car insurance, hope you get to renew the document in time. Our present situation in the region, police officer will always take advantage of car owners with expired documents.

Im happy this njangi will go a great way to aid you cut down some of this expensive.


Health is greatly improving and physiotherapy is working its magic. Car documents rectified. All thanks to Steemit Njangi.

I love the way njangi has come as a relief to many of us at the time when we needed it most. I think next time you should equally think about health insurance for it reduces financial stress whenever you are sick.


Honestly, we will be amazed at how much impact this initiative is going to create in our lives. We are already witnesses and i am happy more witnesses are still to come and testify the goodness of the Njangi. It's a financial stress reliever.

Oh I now see why you've been a little bit missing on this platform. It's quite unfortunate that the sickness got you a little absent from the comment s cation as you have always been.

I pray the healing hand of God visits you and heals you completely.
Take care bro


Amen! Thanks for the prayers @majerius.

Ashia my boss.may your health be restored. This Njangi is going to really help people to grow.for the past one week am not seeing any heavy votes . We use out njangi and grow our own community.

Regularise your car document.

Congratulations for the double Njangi


The Steemit Njangi is a game changer for us and our community. We will truly be amazed with the impact of this small initiative. Thanks!

May God see you through as you recover quickly so that you continue doing your good works in this platform in other to change the lifes of the aspiring Cameroonians who are looking up to you sir


Thanks for the prayers and i am already feeling better and ready to serve you all. Let's steem-on

So sad about your condition, God will see you through🙏. All I pray, is for a quick recovery. More to your good work.


Thanks for the prayers!

Wow @thegreens,indeed ,i think your 26SBD will be used for the right purpose,health challenge is one of the most annoying part of life, I'm so sorry and i hope that you recover quick and fast ,i am happy that just 20SBD can payout up to 80,000FCFA ,that will really help you, this njangi is really a blessing to us all and i can't wait for my turn when I'll be the beneficiary of the njangi.. but I'm triggered to ask this @thegreens,are the beneficiaries of everyweek selected according to their shares or,they are just selected randomly?or according to their situation?because i have a big situation at hand,i have been sent away from school not to write my second semester exams level one,it is through steem that i have been paying my fees ,but now since we are powering up i haven't been able to anymore,i owe about 160,000Fcfa to the school out of the 500,000fcfa which i have paid 340,000fcfa ,if i miss the exams i will repeat level 1,if the beneficiary post is given according to situation then i will be happy if i can be put into consideration despite my low share ratings i will be even happy to continue power up and even step up my njangi shares to 3shares..
Please look into my situation,
I have upvoted and resteemed this post


I'm happy you will be the next beneficiary and you have our support. The Njangi is to encourage investment and solve Steemian's challenges. All's well!

The greens I'm wishing you a fast recovery. it's good to know how we are all getting better. Thanks for sharing


Thanks for the health wishes and i am feeling much more better now

Quick recovery mr @green’good health in the days ahead

I pray God gives you the strength to pull through this difficult moment you are currently experiencing regarding your health, I know what it is to be down health wise, as the saying goes, ‘health is wealth’. Thank God for a great initiative like the steemit njangi that will go a long way in assisting in paying your bills. I wish you a quick recovery


Thanks for the prayers and i will be fine in IJN. Amen

I'm so sorry about your health. Health indeed is wealth. I hope you get better soon. Thank God. The njangi came in time for you to solve these issues. .I hate drugs. I hope you have the strength to go through all these in June. Sorry.


Thanks @craxywriter. I am feeling much better and already busy.

Bro I wish you a very quick recovery.
We have much work to do.


Thanks bro! Much work to do!

Sending you prayers for quick recovery man... and will be coming by to use our car 😂😂😂 for a quick travel asap...

Please here is my whatsapp 654136251 am new here i will really like to join the cameroon jangi team but i need to learn how steemit really work please


Steem greetings, drop me a WhatsApp Message on 676243136

Sorry about your health sir,I wish you quick recovery
Thank you for also bringing up this idea of the Steemit njangi because I can see it’s really helping out many of us
I pray you recover fast so you can resume duty.

So sorry about your health situation @thegreens. Having a good health is a very important thing and we need to keep it in good shape too. I wish you well in the physiotherapy process and quick recovery too. It is well boss man. I'm glad this njaingi is helping us solve or problems. Have a good health soon
#twopercent #cameroon

Am very sorry about your health situation sir,I wish you have a fast recovery and also hoping to support you through this njangi 🙏

My mummy usually say God can't give you a problem without a way of resolving it! Timely as it is , health is wealth and you it's only bad when we are sick without having money for medical care. Wishing you well as you take your prescription for a sound body. Insuring your car is really important considering the town we live in as one moment or the other we start fleeing like bees in the beehive. The initiative of this njangi and the 50k sp are the stepping stone as far as we continue with the team spirit.
#two percent