Creative Writing Contest Vol. 15 Report and Prize Awards | Number and content of subjects we study in Cameroonian schools

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Creative Writing Contest aims at promoting creative writing among Cameroonian steemians. The fifteenth edition of the contest focused on Education; challenging Steemians to share their thoughts on the number of subjects and content of subjects learned in Cameroonian schools as you can read here:

It registered 14 entries as can be read from the table below;


Creative Writing Prizes

Congratulations to all the participants of this edition of the Creative Writing Contest.

@breeze.com1st05 Steem
@drumblac2nd04 Steem
@acbaby3rd03 Steem
@rosita-nkefor4th02 Steem
@pbass/01 Steem
@sgmarvis/01 Steem
@ngongha/01 Steem
@mbozekobrice/01 Steem
@rapharchick/01 Steem
@metugejacy20/01 Steem
@etongo/0.5 Steem
@hopelopo/0.5 Steem
@peacemakers/0.5 Steem
@paddykam/0.5 Steem

@paddykam, @peacemakers, @hopelopo and @etongo, you are receiving 0.5 Steem because you didn't respect all contest rules

Keep being creative in writing!

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Pixabay Image edited by @thegreens

You can learn more about the thirteenth edition of the Creative Writing Contest here:

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Thanks Boss. we hope to follow all the rules next time sir
Please which of the rules where left out so we don't make the same mistakes. Thanks again for the encouraging rewards and have a nice day

Congratulations to all winners and those who participated in this contest .It was quite educative. Thanks @thegreens for such an opportunity. We steem on , we move...

Thank you sir waiting for my price. I thought i will be first lol

This is wonderful. Thank you sir and congratulations to all the winners😊

Thank you for the Educative contest

Congratulations to all the winners. I will definitely participate in the next edition of this contest.

Congratulations guys ✨✨✨. Thank you @thegreens

Congratulations to all the winners of this contest and those or participated

Thanks so much sir it is an honor!!