Steemit Environmental Club (SEC). Join me to promote environmentalism on Steemit

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Green greetings,
I am @thegreens, a grassroots environmentalist with over 12 years experience serving as Founder/Executive Director of The Greens, an environmental organization working to connect, inspire and collaborate with change-makers around the globe to build thriving, just and sustainable ways of life.

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I have been on Steemit for over 05 years and during this period, I have blogged about local and global environmental issues; focusing more on the different projects and programs i run in Bamenda, North West Region of Cameroon.
My passion to build a healthier, safer and sustainable planet is immeasurable and this explains why I am currently in search of steemians with who can partner with me to create the Steemit Environmental Club (SEC)

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Steemit Environmental Club (SEC) is a global association of steemians who are educating, advocating and acting for environmental protection. The goal of the club is to promote environmental education, advocacy and action on Steemit using the power of Steem.
Some of SEC’s activities will be to organize environmental contests, find and reward environmental content on Steemit, organize awareness raising campaigns, commemorate international environmental days and promote tree planting around the globe (Steemit Trees)

Are you passionate about environmental issues?

Do you want to become a co-founder of a global environmental club on steemit?

Drop a comment if you are interested. I will be very glad and inspired to have steemians from different countries around the globe.


Steemit Environmental Club List

  1. @thegreens
  2. @advocatealex
  3. @whyaskwhy

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The Greens is a grassroots environmental organization that strives to educate, inspire and engage young people to take action to combat climate change and be at the forefront of biodiversity conservation and waste management.

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Hi @thegreens .

Be assured of our support as much as possible!!

Finally the long awaited SEC has been announced. I can't wait to see what this holds for all the steemians in our community and others. You're always working hard to get us recognition and not just that but also to build a better place for us all. To have you as a leader is a pride. Thanks @thegreens. More strength to keep leading us the way you do

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Oh, I would love to join!

My interests include permaculture farming, living with the lowest possible carbon footprint and proper diet, including making self-products from the local ingredients so it doesn't have to be bought in the shop (less plastic packages, less imported products which emit extra pollution just with the transport).

My plans for the future include possibly self-sufficient eco-farm and educating the local community about plant cultivation.

My discord: papi.mati#3791

Very good initiative, I am willing to join you to develop some interesting ideas later in Indonesia

This is a very wonderful initiative, I'm very certain all lovers of nature will be thrilled to join @thegreens in this venture, to help protect our environment and nature

Great initiative and great plans to ameliorate our environment and our planet. little change they say can create big impact. Mass sensitization about going green is an inevitable project. Kudos and may you never relent in your efforts..

Talking of the environment, is really necessary

It is of great need for us to protect our environment for ourselves as well, there is a need for it. It's a great initiative, thumbs up

This is a great initiative and I would love to be a part of this Steemit Environmental Club (SEC).

Interested to join

Very interesting concept @thegreens. Exactly what the world needs now.
I will like to join and possibly with my organization D4D which will act as an information medium

Hola, me gustaría ser parte del proyecto, cuidar nuestro ambiente es necesario, creo que la educación ambiental es imprescindible creo que como Profesora puedo abarcar este punto, ser parte de un grupo ambiental me avalaria para ir a diferentes instituciones educativas y desarrollar diferentes talleres y clases, también la masificación educativa ambiental por las redes sociales es una forma de enseñar acerca del impacto ambiental de algunas prácticas humanas, por ejemplo, el uso indiscriminado del plástico, la tala de árboles.

This is a very good idea, I will join you. Since 2000 - 2014 I have joined NGO's (Indonesian Forum for the Environment - Walhi). I am waiting for your club to be effective.


photo : annual members meeting : environment vehicle - indonesia

I'm interested

This is a great inniative Mr. I love to give my support anytime