The Power Up Challenge Vol. 07 Report and Prize Award | 1250 Steem Powered-Up

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“Powering-up brightens your steem future” - @thegreens 2021

Congratulations to the participants of Vol. 07 of the Power-Up Challenge. The contest recorded 05 entries with 1250 Steem Powered up.

The Power Up Challenge is a weekly steem power-up challenge for Cameroonian Steemians organized by The Greens Steem Bank in partnership with @steem-cameroon.
The goal of this challenge is to encourage and support Cameroonian steemians to power-up and strongly discourage the powering down of accounts via the provision of low interest steem loans. The Greens’ Steem Bank believes providing steem loans that are almost equivalent to the projected SP power down can stop the powering down of Cameroonian Steem accounts.
Every month, @thegreens organizes 03 or 04 editions of the Power Up Challenge.

During this seventh edition of the challenge, 05 Cameroonian steemians participated and powered up 1250 Steem as can be seen in the table below;
SNUsernameAmount of Steem Powered UpPower Up Challenge Entry
1@steem-cameroon600 Steem
2@thegreens500 Steem
3@chiabertrand100 Steem
4@majerius45.849 Steem
5@enoegbe05 Steem
Total05 Participants1250.849 Steem Powered UpCongratulations

Power Up Prizes

All participants who powered up above 50 Steem will receive 1 Steem from The Greens Steem Bank for every 50 Steem powered up. Exceptionally, we want to reward @majerius with 01 Steem for powering up almost 50 Steem and then reward @enoegbe with 01 Steem for being a newbie and powering up just after a few days he joined Steemit. Congratulations to:

NameSteem Prize
@chiabertrand02 Steem
@majerius01 Steem
@enoegbe01 Steem
Congratulations to everyone who participated. You all won a 50% discount for any withdrawal you want to do with The Greens Steem Bank between now and the end of August 2021.

The withdrawal is a onetime deal

You can also participate in any of these contest organized by @thegreens;

  1. The Power Up Challenge Vol. 08 (To be launched)
  2. Creative Writing Contest
  3. Green Deeds Contest

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The Greens is a grassroots environmental organization that strives to educate, inspire and engage young people to take action to combat climate change and be at the forefront of biodiversity conservation and waste management.

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Thank you so much for always putting up these initiatives which encourages steemians to continue steeming. Hoping for better power ups ahead.