Dj Short Blueberry. {Day 16}


Today I set up my {color changing} cold air humidifier on my work desk.

My plants are showing curling on the leaves and slight discoloration. I believe the room needs more humidity as it's too early to feed anything.

I love this lil humidifier. It's great next to the computer. It doesn't take much water so it refills quite a few times a day. Its a REALLY nice micro grow tool... but its powerful for how small it is so if you keep refilling it ... it actually makes a big dent on humidifying a normal sized room.

Here is the actual Dj Short #blueberry plant. {day 16} you can see the slight yellowing and curling of one of the "baby leaves." Hopefully the plant looks better after a day or 2 of increased humidity! {I also want to increase lights soon.} If you are reading this and grow... How early do you feed?

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Shes coming along nicely!



@cecilian 粥粥 迎着沙尘暴 被浣熊拖着 给您送来

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i try and have the humidity above 60 with a max of 80 for the first 30 odd days, not always easy to get either...

Looks fine for day 16

i have my dehumidifier in the tent with the plants, a 15-minute interval timer helps me adjust the dehimidifier temp and humidity - helps in my grow setup :)


thanks for the advice.



and that's just it - only advice - take with grain of salt bro

We can learnn off each other:)


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