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Gg4. A strain I love to grow, old reliable.
Hello, all. Been a little while since I posted. But I’m still growing. My little garden is fun for me, and keeps my medical needs taken care of. I have arthritis in my shoulder and ankle from surgeries on both. This strain definitely helps with pain. I usually flip it to flower at 9-12 weeks. Then I flower it for 8-9 weeks, depending on how it looks. I wonder what kind of stuff people want to see. Flowers, grow room pictures, vegging plants or flowering plants. I’m starting to get into blockchain technology. But I will always grow. I will always be involved with cannabis. I want others to grow there own and have fun. This plant was flipped to flower on December 10th ✌️. 9D8BAEEF-3906-4BED-8907-EE6D08D2CFA7.jpeg

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Is this for real. The cowboyblazer does up a post today. Well I may just have to do one up myself.

One of the best things i love about gg4 is the trichome yeild you get. its one of the best strains for rosin pressing.


Going to resteem this tommorow or monday to bring back into the feed:) and yes you need to do a post asap!!

So glad you've found something to help with your pain. I'd love a detailed post of how it helps you! it is such an amazing medicine and I'm so glad you can grow it yourself and support and nourish your body. xx Much love.

We want more grows. Come on share that dank cannabis grows you got going on.

Defiently more grows! So when you say you flip after 9-12 weeks, this is from clone stage right?


Ya from clone. Every strain is different. After awhile You get a feel for it

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Gg4 is one of my all tine favorites. I remember my co worker had some outdoor Gg4, and it was some of the most pontent stuff ive ever had! Glad to see you post. Growing your own is somthing one should do, especially with the outrages prices on the legal market, and for all the poision being pushed on the black market. If you cant grow your own, at least try to get to know sombody who grows, and if you do kjow someone, support them 100%.

Nice cowboy. And thanks for saying something in the server. We get so budy with our lives its hard to keep track sometimes. Especially because im hardly on here. So the shout out about the post being up, helped! Beautiful bud, as usual dude. You just have a gift for it

Defiantly need some more growers on here. Im sure when the outdoor season starts back up, we will start seeing it more. But you indoor guys need to post some more. Thanks for sharing!

Wowow. Looking gorgeous!! I just flipped mine into flower a few days ago. The GG4 has been the most finicky of all four plants I’ve been growing. Do you have a similar experience growing this strain?


It’s been a little easier now. At first it seemed like it liked to stretch but I am starting to dial it in. Any question you have I will try my best to answer for you. ✌️

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One of my favorite strains to smoke! I didn't even realize it was particularly good for pain. I love seeing all grow content, including every part of the process, especially from someone with your knowledge and experience. I would want ALL the details you would be willing to share about your grows! @skylinebuds Grow Log Contest requires a great format in my opinion -

GG4 is the most top 10 strain ever....I’ve found that it produces huge piles of 73 in the hash bags.