A Flashback on #themorningbowl.. Part 1


Good morning y'all.. I had considered STFU Saturday for this morning's show.. I even considered a review of the weed I'm smoking.. but instead I went with a true story from several years ago.. back when the morning bowl was only a habit and not a show..


Part 1 ..

Peace out y'all.. Dave



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Free men don't need permission to do anything. Unincorporate Arkansas! You mentioned Fayetteville Dave. Yeah, Fayetteville sucks! People are stupid too calling the cops on people going door to door. Back in the day that was the only way to make a living in this country, going door to door selling shit. Now you do it and fucktards think you are a terrorist. And then people wonder why I have lost faith in humanity and am an unabashed nihilistic misanthropist. Giant Meteorite/Yellowstone Caldera 2020 y'all!!!

And let me guess... They were closed on Monday for MLK Day weren't they? The cop lied to you.


The one from last week with Zeus licking his butthole?

Dang, a real cliff hanger! ✌️😎

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for you


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