Working man Wednesday on #themorningbowl


Good morning y'all.. it's Wednesday which means it's a work day 🤢🤮🤬 .. I'm really getting disillusioned by this whole job thing.. good news STEEM is moving in the correct direction.. of course that's only because BTC and every other crypto is going up.. let's take a peek in at work..


Working man Wednesday..

Peace out y'all.. Dave



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for you

I think bitcoin is an up and down game with natural cycles now. Lots of people trade against fiat and some folks trade alts against bitcoin. So, when bitcoin jumps in price, the ratio grows wider against pairs like steem. Limit buys are hit and people trade their bitcoin for alts automatically. So steem shoots up when bitcoin shoots up partly because of the favourable bitcoin value ratio.

Don’t smoke too close to that gas can!

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Don’t smoke too close to that gas can! #goodadvice

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