Why Attention Spans Are So Short Now



In this video I talk about attention spans and why people seem to no longer be able to consume content in its entirety.

YouTube, for example, has a very informative stats page that shows things like 'Audience Retention' which is a metric showing how long people spent on your video (on average) as a percentage of the video length.

Most people have a very low AR on YouTube. 45% is considered "amazing" and YouTube would promote your content at that point. The truth is, it's not only YouTube, but across the board - attention spans have gone down the drain.

In this video, I talk about why.

Peace & Love,


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LOL now I understand why I relate more to the older generation when it comes to desire for longer form content ... great breakdown! I feel like the digital world accelerates faster then I can keep up ... its a physical issue? Who knew?


Haha. It's amazing. I've been studying this stuff in my free time this year. I learnt an awful lot about the brain and neurology and psychology that a lot has started making sense to me these days :). I also don't feel as bad that I'm no longer "cool", it's just nature haha.


nature will always give without demand. it's the best, get in nature daily, it's always waiting for you.

sorry i got to 21 seconds in and swapped tabs. .. oh, i see what you mean! :)


attention retention sounds like a device you find in the back of magazines for men of a certain age ;)

as a side note and for others reading comments thinking "what should i post on dtube" -- follow ade's lead here, he's doing a grand job of storytelling an interesting subject, he's also broke it up with slides because he wants to create almost a 'b roll' because he does'nt want to focus on just a plain old one shot approch of him, also, to note, the ambient music is a choice, it's to make you focus, it's almost ethereal for a reason, it's about brains and stuff, it's got a certain cadence and flow to it which makes you stick around. just a little power tip to those potential media makers wanting to get in here and start stacking some DTC and making some content and connections :)


oh yeah and i forgot to mention the reverse psychology of the thumbnail too. by telling you that you WONT do something, you went and watched it to the END just to prove a point to the creator ;) --- humans are kinda weird right? :)