Resurrecting My Dead 13 Year Old Playstation 3



I meant to do this 10 years ago, but I forgot about it and put the machine in storage. How's that for procrastination?

In this video, I finally got round to giving it a go. The infamous Yellow Light Of Death (YLOD) killed off my PS3 back in the day. It's to do with the solder used on the circuit board of the machine.

Will it work in 2020?

Peace & Love,


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I like it

Oooyeeaaahh!😀😀 Old Playstation.. I remember we played Crash bandicoot, fifa, tekken. Already have the new plastation 5? What a pitty the man doesn't have time to play games anymore😀 I suggest you leave it for yourself..


OMG Crash bandicoot!!! hahahahahaha. Old school game :)

I have never had any consoles and almost never obtained/bought any PC games. Most life I play free to play games like card games, League of Legends, Starcraft 2, Dota 2, or cheap games like Heroes of Might and Magic 3.


It was also my first ever games console. The next one was my iPhone :)


Oh, mobile games are not my world totally. Of course I don't mean chess, which are universal game.

"i meant to do this ten years ago" -- are you kidding me? you have things a DECADE ago floating around in your brain?! :)


You wouldn't believe. I'm the king of procrastination. I was also supposed to finally get a sixpack. That's also still pending.


better off with a four pack, then you can at least be drunk while thinking about it.