My younger sister is giving a drink to a goat kid


My goat just gave birth to three children a few days ago, this birth is rarely happening, so far I've only seen goats give birth to one or two children.

Considering that births like this are something that is rare, we anticipate the lack of milk owned by the goat mother by routinely giving SGM milk normally given to human babies..

Of course the milk owned by the mother goat will not be enough for her three children, moreover it is clearly seen that a goat with three children must have a limited milk yield.

Every day we give them milk in a pacifier twice a day in the morning and evening, each of the three children gets half a pacifier.

Although it is still not enough to make them full, at least we have been able to reduce the burden on the goat parent.

Often we find funny events when giving milk to them, when one of them is taken for breastfeeding, another goat child wants to take the pacifier and drink it, my younger sister immediately put her finger into the mouth of another goat that has not yet received a ration to drink in the pacifier..😁😁😁

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