Kim Jong-un Throws his Uncle to Hungry Dogs

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Kim Jong-un Throws his Uncle to Hungry Dogs

Kim Jong-un Throws his Uncle to Hungry Dogs.jpg

In 2014 we learned that Kim Jong-un when he was North Korea's princely dictator got drunk and ordered the execution of his uncle. Reports later came out and said that the two had been fighting over control of profitable business deals involving the export of cold crab and plants to the Chinese.

Now reports say that the young Kim ordered his uncle and 5 of his closest allies to be eaten alive by dogs. The 6 men were allegedly stripped naked and thrown into a cage with 120 dogs that had been starved for 3 days.

The dictator is said to have overseen the grizzly our long or deal with the aid of 300 officials. However, the veracity of the gruesome story has come into question mostly because it's hard to believe as much as we like crazy stories from North Korea.

Details of the dog eat uncle execution was first published in English by the Singaporean newspaper The Straits Times, a staunchly anti-communist publication and they picked it up from the Beijing backed. Since no one ever knows what is really happening in the pariah state.

Skeptics have suggested that may be trying to spread the story as a way of expressing their disapproval of the execution of uncle Jang, who supplied the Chinese with a lot of coal and seafood, in any case, the moral of the story isn't dangerous to get close to dictators and when we say that we mean we're keeping an eye on you, Dennis Rodman.

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