Israel bombed an elementary school southwest of Syria


Israeli IDF fired a missile at an elementary school in a village in Quneitra province southwest of Syria shortly after midnight causing severe material damage in the school. 21 October 2020.

The Israeli IDF fired the missile at the school shortly after midnight from the occupied Syrian Golan.

The Israeli missile strike is to help the embattled Israeli PM Netanyahu boost his ruined image amidst the ongoing protests against his corruption by land thieves in occupied Palestine.

Netanyahu wants to start a regional war small but enough to drag the US military in it before they withdraw from the region.

Netanyahu wants to start a regional war small but enough to drag the US military in it before they withdraw from the region.

US military in West Asia will be used as Israeli cannon fodders in any coming confrontation, just like always fighting the wars on behalf of Israel, killing innocent people and getting killed.

US taxpayers also have to foot the bills of all these Israeli expansionist wars in addition to already paying billions of dollars annually for the wellbeing of the Israeli settlers on stolen land while the US citizens are deprived of proper infrastructure rehabilitation, a proper and affordable healthcare system capable of handling crises, and pandemics, and proper relief after natural disasters.

Prioritizing destroying other countries instead of building their own is what the USA has been doing since its emerging as a global power.

Details in this report: Israel Bombs an Elementary School in Quneitra Southwest of Syria.

To watch the video click on the above video player; the below image serves as the featured image when shared on social media:

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Why bombing a school and where are those who keep lying that the syrian army is bombing schools when israel bombs a real school?

Did not read anything about it in the press in Germany.
That´s one reason why I delegated @arabisouri some SP. And it´s one of the reasons why I like STEEMIT.
You get informations from outside of your filterbubble.



War criminal Netanyahu and corrupt to the extent that land thieves protest against him and he leads a fake democracy that they keep repeating the elections until he wins so he can avoid prison then bombs nearby countries to remain out of prison and all of this with the help of the entire corrupt world including our own allies...!

What a monster created in Palestine.