Peppa the Ground Squirrel eating Kale

3개월 전

This is Peppa a female ground squirrel rescued after being ran over on a busy highway. She had a broken collarbone, clavicle, fibula and tibia (pretty shattered leg). Surgery made it possible for her leg to be saved but unfortunately her arm and shoulder was not “fixable”. She also had neurological damage to her arm and hand. She is not able to go back to the wild and so she’s the attack squirrel in my bedroom. I’m building an outside sanctuary for her but in the meantime she’s taken over my closet as her den. She tolerates me and hates everyone else. The squeak noise is her letting all the other squirrels know that I’m there. The thumping is her way to intimidate me and sound the alarm as well. She loves kale and blueberries. She’s got two good legs, one good arm and a killer attitude 😅🐿

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