New video trailer for 'Might Of Cygnus'

7개월 전

Yesterday saw the release of a trailer I’ve made for a music video I’ve been working on during this lockdown.

For those who follow my Hive feed will have seen a few updates about this project, so here is the latest release.

It’s a space themed music video for a track called 'Might Of Cygnus' from thrash metal band Shrapnel and you can see some of the techniques I’ve previous written about and documented, right here on my HIVE blog.

I hope you enjoy the teaser, and if you're a metal/thrash fan then please go check out Shrapnel music [RIGHT HERE]
( and their album 'Palace For The Insane' is out in May and the full video is out on the 11th!

▶️ DTube
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