My new toy!

6개월 전

OOh a new toy!
How Exciting!!!

Well I found this really peculiar "toy" and I instantly became very fond of it.
Now it might not be the conventional kind of toy you would think. It reminds me of fidget spinners, and almost has the same feel to it.

Now, it is a given that even if it resembles a fidget spinner in ways, I won't be able to spin it on my nose or whatever the "cool kids" do on youtube. But hey, its pretty darn fun.

And for those thinking about the other kinda "toys", you do you baby. But that ain't it.

It is really calming, gets the dopamine flowing and very "fidgety".

Bonus points for anyone who guesses what this "toy" really is, and more bonus points if you make a calculated guess on how I got my hands on it.

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