Should You Buy The Bitcoin Halving Dump?

7개월 전

We have this prehalving dump which I honestly expected to come a couple of weeks ago. It really shows you how much power these whales have even with FOMO happening from the n00b crypto pups. About the time things are going good you can usually expect a swift kick to the chin with steel toed boots.

I feel like this hype run is mainly over and things will get kind of bad until Nov or December and things might pick up then. These leveraged trading platforms have made falling off a cliff more normal.

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I fully expect BTC to get slapped around a bit more post-halving. Probably in the next few days we'll have a little run up to 9k levels, maybe push 10, then another drop, perhaps down to 6-7k. If it gets under 6.5k, I'll be in the market, if not, then I'll wait patiently with my bags for that rocket ride, hopefully sometime in 2021!


The best thing for me would be if it got beat down under $4,500 and ETH went to sub $90.....etc. Then I would roll out of that with fat sacks to ride into 2021 / 2022 and then the car doors are going to be opening vertically!