Fear Spots - State & Media Manipulation

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There are forces in this world looking to do certain things, perhaps dark things or evil things. But to succeed, they really need to gain the consent of the masses - they need your consent. Not many people would go along with an evil plan willingly, so they need to make it look good. One way is to make it look like a way out of fear. So first, they will touch your fear spots.

A master of propaganda is something like a hacker or security expert. He's trying to find the flaws of the system so he can crack in and exploit it somehow, turn it to his own purpose. He'll look for an open port, spoof an IP, brute-force a password... Cycling through different methods in order to find some weakness.

The media and states will likewise look for exploits. The easiest way is to aim at the base emotions - fear, hate, anger. Even a person shut off from their emotions will normally feel these, and only the most enlightened will be immune from them.

After 9/11 and 7/7, they spread things in the media, bringing hate, and eventually people became afraid of Arabs, believing all Muslims are terrorists. As the years passed, with so many chatrooms and social media, being able to become friends with people all over the world... now we know that people more or less have the same motivations, and we start to get over that fear and hate. As they say here in Latin America, "Somos más los buenos," or "There are more of us good folks."

So the media and states look for the next exploit. "Where is the next point I can touch, to get you to react?" he says. Maybe there are some fears that he hasn't touched on yet. Maybe he can still ignite a fear of the foreign with the right spark.

An unknown threat

He comes up with a threat that can't be seen - an unknown threat. You might have heard the word "unknown" a lot in the media in the last few months, and not by accident. Fear of the unknown is something very primal in humans.

It's a threat that we can't see with our own eyes, a virus that we don't even know that we have. They stress over and over that people can have the virus without showing any symptoms. We can't even see it when it's right in front of us.

Stacking fears

The fear of the unknown is a big one, but there's no reason to stop there. The exploit will be much more effective if we can touch several fear spots at once, something like a salesman who learns what affects you and uses it to build up your buying temperature.

Again we introduce the fear of foreign things. The virus is from China, and now certain people have an outlet for their hatred of Asians, and they feel justified in their fear.

Then we have fear for our own health, and fear that people we care about will be injured... Even fear for the lives of ourselves and our family.

Of course, when you stack so many primal fears, people get very afraid. Now we have a clear path into the system, and now we can turn it to our own ends.

Black and white hats

Black hat hackers try to do damage, and white hat hackers attempt to look at which exploits work in order to improve systems. Though their motives might be very different, their methods can be almost the same.

From a broader view, we might even say that these two groups are parts of the same process. A black hat hacker moves in and attacks a system, and then a white hat or security expert analyses the flaw and uses the knowledge to improve the system.

Good and evil

Sometimes what happens in the world isn't so simple to fit into human ideas of "good" and "evil". Sometimes when someone acts in a way that seems to injure others, they're actually acting in a way that improves the system in the long run.

When people attempt to push us into fear, it may well lead us into finding greater love, because by deeply exploring our fear, we reach our final conclusion... There was nothing to fear. There never was, and there never will be.

Peace is with us always; those who seek will surely find.

Why is this video vertical?

In the past month I've been doing a lot of Facebook Live videos with the intention of calming the fear that's present all over the world. I hope you tune in, and I hope they bring you greater peace and perspective in your life.


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And her website All About Habits.
Title image by Ian Lindsay from Pixabay

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