Love is the antidote to fear

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To be afraid, there must be a part of us that wants to be afraid. As long as we are willing to be afraid, there will be people who play on our willingness. Our buttons are exposed to anyone who has studied the map to find them. There is a path to let go of that willingness.

Love is a verb

In the beginning chapters of "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People", Covey tells a story where a man stands up at a seminar asking how he can continue his marriage when the loving feeling is gone. Covey's reply is simple: "Love your wife."

Covey explains, love is sold to us as a noun in Hollywood movies, but love is a verb. Even if we think we don't have control over our emotions, we do have control over our actions. We can listen, appreciate, show affection through touch.

Free to feel good

I was a little stressed in the uber on my way to Asunción airport. I didn't know if my flight 9 hours later would leave at all, and if I'd somehow be stuck in the airport due to the increased curfews. Despite that, or perhaps because of that, I took a moment to thank the driver and wish health to him and his family.

I finally boarded the flight, and arrived in Panama City. Waiting to disembark, I made conversation with a Canadian fellow, and again I wished him health and a safe journey. I was delighted when he took it to another level by saying calmly, without hesitation "have a good time."

I was amazed, because my limits were revealed. Here I was thinking about health, and this gentleman was wishing me so much more - enjoyment.

The relaxation system

When we think about threats, normally our sympathetic "fight or flight" system will engage. The body looks for ways to hide or run from predators, or to defend ourselves in the moment. The body pushes more resources to those ends, and so it has less to put towards our immune systems, making us open to viral threats.

When we relax, pray or meditate, we activate the parasympathetic system. We send a strong message to our bodies that there are no threats, that this is a time of peace. As a result, our immune systems are boosted.

Loving ourselves reduces fear, and it also reduces the threat of disease. Showing love to others can have the same effect for them.

Love is the antidote to fear!

Why this video is vertical

In the past month I've been doing a lot of Facebook Live videos with the intention of calming the fear that's present all over the world. I hope you tune in, and I hope they bring you greater peace and perspective in your life.


Title image by Nikola Belopitov from Pixabay

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