Song: Names For Love [Music Video]


Here is a new song I wrote. Listen to the video on and enjoy over a hundred of my photos featuring mostly my bonsai trees and garden flowers over the past two years.

Artist: @creativetruth
Title: "Names For Love"
Year: 2020
Genres: #contemporary #ballad #uplifting #pop-music #inspirational

This is another song I wrote using popular chord progressions to set the basis for the song. It uses a mixture of simple drum beats, piano, guitar, and later on adds in some electric piano goodness.

Right now this song does not have lyrics, but I think it would be pretty simple for anyone to come up with words to match the theme of the song. The verses are meant to be filled with words people use as nicknames for their loved ones. Honey Pie, Sugar Plum, Teddy Bear, etc.. Little terms of endearment such as these are special names remind a person they are loved. It also lets a person know that they still hold a secret place in the heart that nobody else can ever fill the same way.

Sometimes this song reminds me of a TV show theme from the late 80's or early 90's. Doogie Houser, Growing Pains, Webster. They all have the same fuzzy feeling that makes you appreciate the people in your life. It reminds us of the good times we spent together. I thought this song might make a good theme song to represent @creativetruth if I ever go into producing a series of episodic video content some day.

Please enjoy my original song written for all my friends here on the blockchain.

#original-music #music #song #creative #neoxian #palnet #creativecoin #art #marlians #lifestyle #photography #music-video

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Woah, after I uploaded this cover photo, I realized the leaf is the same shape as a heart. What a coincidence?