Back Up And Running After D.Tube Node Crash? Peer Connection Bug - DTubeSnap IAAC

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A quick DTubeSnap Leader Node Update for this one discussing how I had a disconnect from leader peers resulting in 900 missed blocks. I was down for several hours but luckily was quickly able to replay the chain then pull an updated local backup, now up and running again.

Thank you @Techcoderx for the heads up in DTube Leader Chat 👍 you always got our backs!

The Bug:
Speculation on my behalf after talking with several people seeming to face the same issue from time to time. It’s a peer connection issue and possibly having switched the order of peers in config I solved the problem. I was in Hail Mary mode, I did not take note of my changes. I will attempt to replicate the issue on my home hosted server rather then my consensus leader but as Techcoderx said it is near impossible to replicate on demand.

Seeing as the discussion has been started hopefully we will see an answer from the DTube Dev Team as to what the cause and solutions may be 🤞

Let Me Know Your Thoughts In The Comments Below

That’s It, @D00k13 OUT!!!

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Thanks a lot !
I saw the bug.... and really hoped that you resolved it easily....
Thanks for what you do