Guide to LBRY

2년 전

What is LBRY?

“LBRY is a protocol for accessing and publishing digital content in a global, decentralized marketplace. LBRY uses a public blockchain to provide a single shared index of published content, as well as content discovery and payment.Clients can use LBRY to publish, host, find, download, and pay for content — books, movies, music, or anything else that can be represented as a stream of bits.


This is a tested and confirmed website that pays in LBC (WHICH IS on coinmarketcap and TRADING ON

for just watching short videos, creating your own channel and posting short videos, daily rewards,refetral(which is not compulsory for withdrawal) etc


  • register by clicking on$/invite/HzkzAnmAnewL8T9HuggZhFRC2euN4Jdy

AND confirm your email

*goto menu

Then click on rewards to do these simple task to earn*

USE COINOMI WALLET TO KEEP YOUR LBC,send it to the exchange below if you want to trade it.

your LBC can be traded for BTC, USDT etc on

(register and start to exchange your LBC for BTC, USDT,etc on this market)

It is a site related to YouTube, and other videos /post sharing platforms.

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