The Mystical Art Of Confusion Called Fau Chi

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Video from April 2020 - COVID-19: Dr. Shiva: Fauci Travelled in Circles with Epstein, Weinstein Hidden Truth Show with Jim Breslo:

Contact Tracing Group Funded By George Soros and Bill Gates, Chelsea Clinton on Board of Trustees:

About Fauci, Gates, And Medical Tyranny:

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Covid-19 Vaccines Lead To New Infections And Mortality: The Evidence Is Overwhelming:

Candles in the Dark:

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India’s Hunger Games:

More Than One-Third Of Small Businesses "In Jeopardy" Of Closing This Summer:

McDonald's Apologizes for Understaffing: 'Nobody Wants to Work Anymore':

Cyberattacks on U.S. targets are ‘here to stay,’ says U.S. commerce secretary:

US Senators Call for Increased Measures to Regulate and Trace Cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin faces fresh scrutiny as police call for new powers to freeze crypto assets in the U.K.:

FBI Report tracking ransomware bitcoins:

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