When Healthy Foods Can Be Poisonous? || Hati-hati! Makanan Sehat Juga Bisa Berbahaya Bagi Tubuh


Junk food is the main serious problems for our health when consuming long period... But do you know that healthy foods also can harm our health when eaten wrong. Absolutely we must care about it.. In my 6 minutes simple slide show video I explained about "healthy foods that can harm our health" with audio in Bahasa and English subtitles..


Bukan hanya junk food yang bisa berdampak buruk bagi kesehatan, tapi ternyata makanan sehat juga bisa berubah menjadi racun untuk tubuh kita jika salah dalam pengolahannya. Simak pembahasan di 6 menit slideshow sederhana kali ini.

Image source : Pinterest - Shutterstock - freeimages

Music : www.bensound.com (bossanova)

#makanansehat #makananberbahaya #healthyfood

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