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Today I made changes to bruno to include notifications for mentions. Nothing fancy. The script queries a post's body if it includes your account name with the '@' character in front of it.

Here's a quick demo.

Bruno - A Blurt Discord Notification Bot

Bruno aims to contribute to Blurt's economy by adding service which uses Blurt to pay for services. Similar to how @blurtlink deducts transaction fees when you transfer to and from hive engine.

1. How to Register and Be Notified by Bruno

  1. First, please join Blurtopian Server (
    Bruno currently resides in Blurtopian's discord server.
    This invite brings you directly to the #bruno channel.
  2. Inside the #bruno channel, type !reg <username>.
    Replace <username> with your Blurt account.
  3. You should received a direct message from @BrunoBot.
  4. Upon successful registration to the system, you're given an initial 1500.01 credits.
    A credit is deducted each time you receive a notification.
  5. Type '!help' on the commands available or !info to know the status of your account.

2. How to Buy Credits

!help gives us the command to buy credits. But before you're able to buy credits, you need to generate a pin for your account.

To do this you need to:

  1. Send a direct message to brunobot with the command !generate_key
  2. Bruno bot will generate a key for you. Use this key as memo when sending blurt to @brunobot using your blurtwallet.

One credit is currently priced at 0.01 BLURT.

How to Upgrade to a Premium Account

Bruno offers premium features to its premium subscribers. To upgrade to a premium account, you need to have at least 1000 credits.

To upgrade to a premium account, just follow these steps:

  1. Send a direct message to BrunoBot with the command !upgrade
  2. If you have enough credits, BrunoBot will notify you of your successful subscription upgrade.

More features to come for premium account members.

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