Sing & Beatbox

2개월 전


Lately I've been writing long ass posts, so I thought I might do something a little bit different with a short video for the weekend.

It's been a while that I was working on nailing the beatbox and the vocal at the same time. In most case it's quite difficult to keep the tempo, having the kick on the 1, and the 3, while having your snare on the 2 and 4.

It's just a small portion of the song, but sometimes I realize that it's ok to make shorter videos, people are busy, they don't always have the time to listen to an entire song ^^, so I left the meat and potatoes only. There's a good acoustic on those stairs.

Thanks for the support, and be good y'all!

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Thanks for sharing this video pal.


My pleasure!

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:) Peace, tibfox


Hey buddy!

Thanks! Here you go, check the end of the video!