PulseChain MEGA-WHALE Investors Sacrifice Millions Round 2 | Deep Dive $13M & 33,000 ETH Wallet

9개월 전

Round #2 of our Deep Dive into PulseChain Whales and updates on the PulseChain Launch. These players have MASSIVE net worths, know what they are doing, are Hexicans and have been in Pulse since pre-launch. Remember to join the PulseChain telegram group and get any questions you have answered in real time: https://t.me/PulsechainCom

I have to say, the Pulsechain community is coming in HOT! I thought Hexicans were wild, but this Guys are going harder! Great Content too. Incase you missed out on Hex, you should NOT misroute on Pulsechain, would be stupid to make the same mistake twice.

Pulsechain is a Fork of Ethereum blockchain aiming to significantly reduce gas fees, making crypto and definitely fun again! It will also be the Biggest Airdrop the Crypto community has ever seen. Basically, if you have ERC20 tokens, you get the exact copy on Pulsechain, hence doubling your bags. So make sure you're strategically placed for the Snapshot!


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